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Enhance your life, calm your mind & relax


Meditation and support group

Meditation is a form of emptying the mind and allowing consciousness to expand and reach a higher level of self-understanding and spiritual growth. It is an art of exploring your inner world and is a process of commitment.  Meditation is a very unique experience for every individual and there is neither a right way nor a wrong way to practice this ancient art.

  • Calm the mind and manage your thoughts
  • Alleviate stress
  • Control anxiety
  • Aid in health issues
  • Strengthen concentration
  • Create your dreams by using your mind
  • Clarify situations
  • Greater connection between baby and mother whilst pregnant
  • Aids in the birthing process
  • Deeper soul connection
  • Defer the age process
  • Closer to spirit

After our meditation, we sit and discuss what’s on your mind, and support you if you need a hug,


“If we change our awareness we in turn will change our action. Awareness is to see the process of how we see the world and ourselves….

The ultimate to meditation is to

‘Just Be’  “

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The meditation process and FAQs

What do I gain from meditation?

Life is often very demanding. Under constant stress, you risk losing focus and gratitude for all the good things in your life.

When practising meditation you allow to distance yourself from the daily stressors and thoughts.  For a limited period of time, you surrender your control to the universe, you focus on the in-breath and the out-breath. The breath that is life, breath is all that matters.

Meditation helps witness that which causes you stress,  it helps see things clearly but somehow like from a distance. Meditation lets you look at things ‘from the outside’, like a spectator, not like the actor.

Meditation enables you to let go, relax, re-focus and refresh with new energy.

Why is meditation different to relaxing or concentrating?

Meditation does not only relaxes us, not only enriches us with peace, joy and optimism, but it actually transforms a human being, gradually and deeply, into a beautiful and happy individual. This happens without great effort, thought or concentration.


What would you say are the most important reasons why to meditate?

.Meditation will help improve your health as it has a positive effect on your immune system and improve your breathing, circulation and cellular nutrition.

Meditation will reduce stress because you allow yourself some ‘time out’. Sitting in peace, resting body and mind calms your entire nervous system and releases positive and mood enhancing chemicals in your body. You will feel refreshed and happy.

Some people are unable to have restful sleep because there is too much on their mind. Meditation helps improve sleep patterns because you let go of many things by allowing the mind to rest.

Studies have shown that people who meditate regularly can slow the aging process and are overall happier and more content with life.

All very good reasons to get into the habit of regular meditation sessions. They need not be long to go a long way!


Enhance your life, calm your mind - relax....