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Take Care of Yourself in these Uncertain Times … Balance Your Chakra’s

In these uncertain times, more than ever before we need to take care of ourselves and our wellbeing.

When we feel a little off balance, we look at having our Chakra’s balanced.  However, when having a Chakra session, are you relaxed enough so that you can totally let go?  My experience, yes you may feel relaxed however, there is always something going on in your mind.

Well, l just want to let you on in a little secret…that a Chakra balance can be done through Hypnosis!  Having your Chakra’s balanced through Hypnosis brings the balance of each Chakra’s energy and allows expression of your wholeness.

There is no-one that knows you better than you,  with you in total control and taking part in your own healing, at a much deeper level, as you feel each chakra colour energy flow up your spine as you connect with the energy centres.

Sound interesting?  It truly is a Powerful Experience as you feel all the Chakra’s working together in harmony, as you feel the total connection to Self and All That Is.

Due  to our current situation we find ourselves in these days of social distancing and self-isolation, this session will be carried out via ZOOM, which is in the comfort of your own home no matter where you live … so, if you feel that you need a chakra healing please contact me to discuss if you are suitable for hypnosis.

Unfortunately, hypnosis via ZOOM is not suitable for those suffering with a mental illness, now, that doesn’t mean that hypnosis is never going to be suitable for you, it just means that you require a more in-depth session that is specifically catered for you.

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Question ....Are you ready to let go?