Meditation is a form of emptying the mind and allowing consciousness to expand and reach a higher level of self-understanding and spiritual growth. It is an art of exploring your inner world and is a process of commitment.
There is no definite proof as to when or where the art of meditation started, but it has been around for thousands of years covering many areas of the earth. Great spiritual leaders such as St Francis of Assisi, St Theresa of Avila, Zen & Budha have led the way and over the year’s various forms of meditation have been formed.
Meditation is a unique experience for each individual and there is neither a right way nor a wrong way to practice this art.

Meditation can assist with:

  • Calm the mind and manage your thoughts
  • Alleviate stress
  • Control anxiety
  • Aid in health issues
  • Strengthen concentration
  • Create your dreams by using your mind
  • Clarify situations
  • Greater connection between baby and mother whilst pregnant, aids in the birthing process
  • Defer the age process
  • Enhance self-awareness and self-acceptance

If we change our awareness, we in turn will change our action. Awareness is to see the process of how we see the world and ourselves. The ultimate to meditation is to ‘Just Be’

Over the weeks we will cover

  • Breathing Techniques
  • How to cope with Stress
  • Grounding
  • Just be

**Bookings Essential as numbers are limited**

When: Monday Nights – March 2 – March 30, 2020
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Investment: $75.00/pp – 5-week block
Location: Hume Hwy, Lansvale 2166
E: P: 0478 768 231

Jumping Off

Jumping Off

The Earth revolves around the sun, taking 365 days, this is known through science.
What if we were sitting on that axis and watching our lives slowly go by, and suddenly we jump off as we are anticipating and preparing for a stressful time to enter into our lives, but wait, it hasn’t actually happened! But we are going to jump off anyway as we are always finding ourselves in challenging situations, as this is our fate, or so we think. So, we are going to jump off and get prepared for that event to enter our lives. We are waiting and waiting and as the years go by, the day finally happens, just as we predicted and we say to ourselves “I knew it’!.

We started with a thought and we worked on an assumption, that the day will come, and we actually made it happen.

As it is difficult to understand the science around the universe, unless you study science, it can also be difficult to understand the difficulty as to why our mind anticipates for the stressful times in our lives, as we continually say to ourselves “it’s our fate’ as it happened to this person or that person, so it must happen to me. Don’t get me wrong, shit happens as nobody can avoid a smooth sailing through life, however, when these events happen, we don’t anticipate them, as we are not thinking about them, they just happen, and that is life.

What if you were sitting on that axis watching your life go past, however, you are now watching your life with excitement, and you are only anticipating a life full of endless possibilities which lay in front of you.

What has changed? You realised that you couldn’t change what you didn’t realise. So, you took control over your life, as you wanted that axis to go as slow as possible, because you wanted a full life, a life filled with all the possibilities that your world had to offer.

If you can relate to this, but you are unaware of why you do what you do and would like a live the life you were meant to live, I can help you realise what your thought and life patterns are and where they have come from. I can assist you through NLP and Hypnosis.

So, if you are over anticipating all the stressful challenging event’s that haven’t even happened, or living in constant stressful moments in your life and would like to totally move forward to all the good possibilities that your world can offer you, just contact me as you have nothing to fear and so much to gain to set yourself free.

Julie – 0478 768 231

Welcome 2019!

Welcome 2019!

Welcome 2019!

The doors for 2018 are now closed and as John Lennon would say “another year over, and what have you done” what is your first thought… “I had a great year”?  “so glad it’s over”?  Or maybe it went so fast it’s all a blur!  There is no turning back to re-live that moment, that moment that we wish we could live in forever because it made us feel good, or that moment we wished never happened as we felt pain, no, we can’t go back.  We have no choice but to move forward.

Welcome 2019! What will you accomplish this year? It’s a big mystery as to what life will hold for any of us, except we will still have those moments that make us feel good and those that cause pain, this is life.

Moving onto New Year’s resolutions…do you have any? I will let you in on a little secret … you can set all the resolutions you like, with all good intentions to carry them through, but if you are not connected to your own ‘Life’s Power of Self’ your resolutions will more than likely fail.

What is ‘Life’s Power of Self’?  well, it’s all about you!  Who you are, your true Core and Adult Belief System, your Strengths.  Once you start this process, you will start to notice your inner power rising, which will project outwards into your personal power, building your strength, your strength of ‘Self’ taking all the toxicity out of your life, and allowing you to give yourself permission to make anything in life ‘Your Choice’ as there will be no need to seek validations from others.  ‘Your Life…Your Choice’

So, can you image how that would make you feel! 

How do you see your ‘Life’s Power of Self’ at the moment?  Are you in total control? Living in others Belief system?… Do you think 2019 is time for you to change and step up?  If you have answered yes, but you are not sure where to start, I encourage you to take the first step to discover your ‘Life’s Power of Self’ by simply clicking on this link for our New Year special offer.

New Year’s resolutions for 2019…set just One Goal to find your ‘Life’s Power of Self’ and I guarantee you will succeed.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019… Invest in Yourself and Make it count!

Personal growth workshops

Personal growth workshops

I believe in self-empowerment. Join me in my workshops which are an excellent tool to project an manifest your wishes and your future, and other courses that are part of holistic life coaching tools. Check the workshop section regularly to find a course that you might be interested in. Thank you!