Empower women and teenage girls who are experiencing inner turmoil to overcome negative behaviours and situations that no longer work.  Assisting them to break the psychological connections and triggers, giving them a strong sense of Self.

Do you feel that you are alone in your journey?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult just trying to balancing out your daily life? Feelings of not being good enough or worthy, loosing yourself in motherhood and relationships, getting caught in the endless cycle of all the unhealthy choices that life has to offer?  Are you an emotional hoarder?

I have been helping women deal with many issues just like these, I can help you too.

Our lives are always in transition, whatever our circumstances might be.  Challenges will always present themselves and we will always find ourselves struggling to deal with them.

There is no ‘Why’ only ‘HOW TO’ with the Freedom to Create Clear Intention.

When was the last time someone really listened to you?  Listened to what you are saying and feeling?

Providing you with a safe space to fully let go…

hypnotherapy, weight loss, trauma counselling

I AM HERE TO HELP YOU, help you start your journey to be that Intelligent, Brilliant person that you are…

‘What she found in Exuberence was…HERSELF!’

Book a confidential call with Julie, let’s have a chat to see how I can help you!

Worried about your health? Have you managed to acquire those extra kilos? Or, have you always struggled with weight throughout your life, particularly as middle age approaches? Tried every diet out there, every passing fad and each celebrity-endorsed product. Only to find that NONE of them work? Too embarrassed to go out and socialize, finding you have no Self-Esteem?
Join my 14-Week Conscious Body Awareness program resulting in Weight Loss using The Virtual Gastric Band Method.

Not sure of who you have become? Not sure of where you are going? Feeling you are not good enough or worthy? Loosing yourself in motherhood, relationships? Feeling so Dis-Connected with your inner world, which is effecting your outer world?  Low Self-Esteem can start at any age, when left to it’s own devices and become long-term, it can have harmful effect on your mental health.

Join my 14-Week Conscious Mindset Coaching program which will result in you becoming Self-Assured, Assertive and Confident

Trying to cope with the chaos, finding it hard to manage and keep your thoughts in check?
Anxiety or Stress can effect every area of your life, weight, sleep, health, relationships, loss of focus and Anxiety or Stress does not discriminate against age.

  • REDUCE YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE – Finding you are drinking more that usual?
  • QUIT SMOKING – I was a smoker…now a Non-Smoker. Are you ready to Butt out?

 “Where do you go from here?”
Start your journey now by contacting me to arrange a confidential discussion on how we can work together.

You have nothing to fear but you have everything to gain.